Thought Leaders Business School is the most comprehensive Thought Leaders program ever. It's a year of immersion that will teach you how to earn $500k–$1.5M working 50–200 days with one or two support staff. Here's how it works. 

The Game!

There’s a bit of a paradox when it comes to being commercially smart and thinking about the money. It’s not about the money … and it's all about the money. We have three wishes for everyone in the program - one for the world, one for you … and a selfish wish for us:


Our wish for the world is that you get to make the contribution that you were born to make. That you get to make a difference to thousands or even millions of people through your practice. That your books, your speeches, your programs, your coaching and your ideas touch lives all over the planet. That by selling your thoughts you leave the world better than you found it.


Our wish for you is that you live your dream as you are making that difference. That you get very well paid to do work you love with people you like the way you want. However that looks for you. That you get to truly create your life.


Our final wish is for us. Our vision is to be part of a meme pool of one thousand Million-Dollar Experts. We imagine an event with one thousand well resourced, clever people who have been through this journey and are coming together to explore how to work together for the betterment of all. Think of the problems that we would solve, the projects we would create and contribution we would make. We would love you to be part of that.

Making a profound difference in the world, doing work you love with people you like the way you want … not about the money.

And the bottom line is we want you to earn between $500,000 to $1,500,000 a year working 50 to 200 days with one or two support staff.

That’s the game, and this program gives you everything you need to win that game.

Revenue Ladder

In traditional Japanese martial arts (Karate, Judo, Jiujitsu, Kendo, Aikido) originally there were only two belts - a white belt and a black belt. For years you wore a white belt, and then eventually got your black belt. Typically it would take seven to ten years to get a black belt. Some schools and some styles still operate in this way.

The coloured belts that we associate with martial arts, particularly in the West, actually originated with the Marines in Okinawa. The US Marines wanted a more efficient way to train their soldiers in unarmed conduct. They also understood that Marines are used to regular promotions and were motivated by regular recognition of achievement.

Consequently they created a training regime that included different coloured belts and different levels between white belt and black belt. They also created a more efficient and effective training model based on gaining proficiency in certain techniques at each level before moving onto the next level. At white belt level the Marines would practice and become proficient at the most basic techniques - a straight punch or a simple throw. At the higher levels more complex moves would be introduced.

This methodology chunks the stages of growth an infopreneur goes through and grades them using the metaphor of a martial arts grading system.

Belt Income Focus
5th Dan $1,200,000 Distribution
4th Dan $1,080,000 Capacity
3rd Dan $960,000 Productivity
2nd Dan $840,000 Engagement
Black Belt $720,000 Investment
Red Belt $600,000 Leverage
Blue Belt $480,000 Positioning
Green Belt $360,000 Activity
Yellow Belt $240,000 Value
White Belt $120,000 Decision

During the 12-month Thought Leaders Business School Program we are looking to add at least two belts ($240k per annum) to your practice.

One Strategy

We have one strategy—and one strategy only—that we implement in the program to move you up the revenue ladder towards black belt and beyond. That strategy is the cluster strategy. A cluster is a combination of a message, a market and a delivery mode. Basically it's an offering you make based around an area of your expertise to a particular market.

The key to moving up the revenue ladder is to do it one cluster at a time, while diversifying your delivery modes.

One cluster - one offering at a time. So we might start with a coaching program, and get that to $10k a month revenue. Then, rather than trying to keep that growing, we launch the next cluster, the next offering. Perhaps a training workshop. And so on - moving up the ladder one cluster (one offering) and one belt at a time.

And critical to this methodology is that we don’t have all our offerings in the same delivery mode. It’s very hard to make $500,000 or more just as a coach, or just as a speaker. So we want you (eventually) to make money from all six delivery modes: speaking, authoring, training, mentoring, facilitating and coaching.

Perfect for …

This program is all about building a thought leaders practice around your expertise, your brand and your name. It’s perfect for:

  • Consultants wanting to get their business model right.
  • Senior executives that want to give up their day job.
  • Subject matter experts who want to go from knowing something to being known for knowing something.
  • Speakers, trainers and coaches who know they need to do more with their business.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to focus on their practice and their thought leadership (speaking at conference, writing a book) to earn extra revenue while feeding their business.

If that’s you, and you like the sound of this game, keep reading.