As news about the success of Thought Leaders Business School spread, it was only a matter of time before people around the globe starting wondering how they could get involved.

In response to requests (bordering on demands) from a number of amazing thought leaders to create an alternative to our traditional program, we launched a long distance stream of Thought Leaders Business School for people further afield than Australia and New Zealand. Experimenting at the very leading edge of educational practice, this program is designed to overcome the tyranny of distance, provide a similarly wonderful experience and the same amazing results.

It has all of the elements of our traditional program, plus a couple of extras that leverage all the benefits that the digital age has to offer to create an active and engaged community to support you in your thought leadership journey – wherever you may be in the world.

The program includes thought leaders throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.


Next Intake

Thought Leaders Business School is a rolling intake program, with entry points every three months.

Aug 29 – 31, 2019

Nov 28-30, 2019

Feb 27-29, 2019

May 28-30, 2019


The distance program utilises exactly the same onboarding process, flipped classroom methodology, and online curriculum that the standard Business School program delivers.


One immersion in Australia

You need to come to Australia to attend your first three-day immersion (see dates and cities). This is an invaluable experience, and will ensure that you not only start your year flying but hit the ground running. You are most welcome to drop in on a subsequent immersion if you happen to be in the neighbourhood. 

Four virtual immersions

The success of Business School is thanks to our ruthless adherence to the 90-day cadence of launching commercial offerings ("clusters") to the market. The Distance program follows the same successful strategy, and uses a combination of streaming from the live Immersions, synchronous interaction and exercises with other students, and prescribed working blocks to facilitate the same outcome. 

Our commitment to this program is to make it world class, and as such the team is constantly innovating and experimenting to take it to the next level. The proof is in the results of our students, and there's more still to come.

Support & Accountability

You receive all the coaching, mentoring, and support that makes Thought Leaders Business School the most effective business development course of its kind in the world. Equally, it means you'll need to hold yourself to the highest standards, producing some of the best work you've ever completed in your professional life.

Monthly meetups

Monthly facilitated meet ups bring all the distance students together with a member of faculty, so you can get the support you need and stay connected to the tribe.

Potential to become a mentor

Part of our intent for this program is that some of our distance students meet the requirements for becoming a Thought Leaders Mentor (all the deliverables of the program, blue belt in their practice and a cultural fit with our tribe) and go on to teach our methodology in different parts of the world.