We define a successful thought leadership practice as one where you:

  • Earn $500K—$1.5M, working 50–200 days per year, with one or two support staff.

  • Do work you love, with people you like, the way you want.

  • Make the difference you were born to make.

If you’re an expert that wants to build a successful practice, you have to start somewhere. Long term you want your work to have a lasting impact and your ideas to leave a legacy. However in the beginning what’s important is getting a foundation in place that will serve you well for the next decade or more.


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Full Payment – $1,500 AUD

Instalments - 3 x $500 AUD

We exist in a culture where almost all business advice is suitable for people who are running a business, not a practice. The strategies and tactics appropriate for growing a successful practice aren’t necessarily common knowledge. Lots of clever people struggle to create a commercial operation that meets their aspirations.

Many find it challenging to:

  • establish a reliable source of revenue quickly (which can make leaving your previous career slow or impossible).

  • efficiently take your expertise and package it into saleable products (which means you spend a lot of time working, but not getting paid for it).

  • implement an effective strategy for connecting with potential clients (which means you invest a heap of effort into marketing, but don’t make many sales)

If you want to create a commercially successful practice around your expertise, we’d love to help you deal with these challenges. Equally, if you’re already feeling the effects them in a practice you’re already running, we’d love to help you turn the ship around.

This has been absolutely the best $1,500 I have ever spent on my business building and your help, patience and insights have been invaluable. You are truly awesome.

I have gained so much from this program and I will use these resources again and again until I am a rock star in my industry!
— Nycole Lloyd

Belt Assets Focus
5th Dan $10,000,000 Legacy
4th Dan $5,000,000 Freedom
3rd Dan $3,000,000 Lifestyle
2nd Dan $1,000,000 Security
Black $720,000 Investment
Red $600,000 Leverage
Blue $480,000 Positioning
Green $360,000 Activity
Yellow $240,000 Value
White $120,000 Decision

The white-belt-to-black-belt ladder shows the journey of a successful thought leader. Each belt represents an evolution in the growth of your practice, a shift in the focus required to continue your growth, and an additional $10K in monthly revenue. Once you’re at black belt, the ladder tracks your journey towards financial independence; the whole point of the practice game is to be investing your profits outside your practice to build towards your financial freedom.

There are a few key thresholds on the white-belt-to-black-belt journey. There’s a threshold at black belt, where the focus shifts from revenue growth to investment. Once you’ve reached that point it’s about creating a practice that you can sustain for a decade to achieve financial independence.

Before then there’s a threshold at green belt, where you need to break through the ceiling of exhaustion. Green belt is the ‘hardest’ belt. A thought leader needs to push through green belt in order to establish their commercial positioning and experience the relief that comes when your reputation does your sales for you (and pushes your prices into the upper echelons).

But initially there’s a threshold at white belt—$120,000 in revenue per year—above which the whole idea of this journey transforms from one tinged with scepticism and doubt to one filled with optimism and excitement. When you’re below white belt some of this can seem a little far-fetched. Once you’ve achieved white belt your confidence that this really is possible, that you can do it, begins to rapidly solidify.

From a purely practical sense, we know that a thought leader has the foundations of a thriving practice in place when they’re able to regularly sustain white belt revenues ($10K per month). Lots of people start a solopreneurial practice that makes fifty, sixty, seventy thousand dollars a year. Typically, a practice that plateaus at revenues of this amount takes just as much work to operate as a practice generating $120K per year or more, but it’s missing one or two key pieces of the puzzle. When the white belt threshold is surpassed, the opportunity to really test yourself and your ideas becomes an exciting reality.

The Thought Leaders Foundation Program is designed to give you an environment where you can learn the Thought Leaders methodology, implement it into your own practice, and get yourself to (and beyond) white belt revenues.

The design of the program is inspired by world’s best practice learning pedagogy. A blend of synchronous and asynchronous activities that provide you with the time and space you need to learn and absorb new concepts, combined with dynamic activities that enable application and integration.

Your learning is delivered through a number of different components:


The Foundation Program is built around the world-renowned Thought Leaders Curriculum. This online resource is full to the brim with video, audio, exercises, worksheets, frameworks, templates and resources of all kinds to help you learn and implement the Thought Leaders methodology.


The Foundation Space on Thought Leaders Central is absolutely abuzz with experts going to work developing their respective practices, and the level of sharing, camaraderie and generosity is incredible to witness. In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear says one of the best ways to alter your behaviour is to surround yourself with a tribe of people who are exhibiting the habits you’d like to adopt. With the Thought Leaders community, you’ve got a tribe of kindred spirits playing the same game as you, all supported by the incredible faculty of Thought Leaders Business School; 35+ black belt thought leaders who are committed to helping you succeed.



Almost every week, there’s a group webcast you can join where the leaders of the tribe help you understand the nuances of the curriculum and apply the lessons into your own practice. They’re also a wonderful opportunity to connect with other members of the tribe and share insights and experiences. These webcasts are generally highly work focused, so you should come equipped with a notebook and pens!


In his book The Game Changer, Dr Jason Fox describes the importance of making progress visible, and in the Foundation Program you’re able to do that by keeping track of your progress in our bespoke Dashboard. There is lots of business tracking software out there, but none that we know of specifically designed for those running a practice. So we’ve gone ahead and built it.  A successful thought leader divides their time across three domains: Think, Sell, and Deliver. The dashboard helps you track your progress across all three.


Occasionally, a chat with the right person at the right time can make all the difference. The Foundation Program includes a number of touchpoints where you’ll have the opportunity to spend some time discussing your specific situation with members of our amazing faculty. Whether you need strategic advice, tactical tips, or a bit of help getting your mindset right, we’ve got you covered.