We know that if a thought leader joins our Thought Leaders Business School (TLBS) with a practice at white belt—$10K per month—or above, we are incredibly effective at helping them climb through the belts and achieve black belt. At last check, our dashboard showed that the average increase in monthly billings for a student who's been in Business School for 12 months is $26K, a seriously encouraging figure.

In the past we used to accept applicants for TLBS even if they hadn’t yet reached white belt, but we've realised that their chances of succeeding in that environment are a lot more ‘hit and miss’ than those who join with a practice at white belt or above.

Why do white belts so regularly flourish in TLBS when people below them in revenue sometimes don’t?

Quite simply, they’ve got the foundations right.

Belt Income Focus
Black $720,000 Investment
Red $600,000 Leverage
Blue $480,000 Positioning
Green $360,000 Activity
Yellow $240,000 Value
White $120,000 Decision

If you can run a practice at white belt—$10K per month, $120K per year—you’ve got the fundamental pieces in place that will hold you in good stead to launch your way to black belt. If you can regularly invoice $10K per month, it means you’ve got;

  • a commercial mindset

  • expertise that people value

  • a market willing to buy it

  • some basic admin stuff in place (website, CRM, sales funnel, etc)

  • at least one cluster (a commercial offering) that’s making sales

So with Business School being such a raging success, we realised that the next step is to put some real effort into helping people just starting out in the practice game to get those foundations in place.

Hence, the Foundation Program.

This has been absolutely the best $1,500 I have ever spent on my business building and your help, patience and insights have been invaluable. You are truly awesome.

I have gained so much from this program and I will use these resources again and again until I am a rock star in my industry!
— Nycole Lloyd

Secure your place

Full Payment – $1,500 USD


Instalments - 3 x $500 USD

It’s designed to help experts who want to commercialise their thinking. It’s designed to help you create and implement all the fundamental components of a commercially successful thought leader’s practice. Throughout the program you will:

  • Learn a process to capture your expertise, and give it form and structure.

  • Select your market niche(s), and develop a deep understanding of their problems.

  • Identify 20+ possible commercial offerings, and lock in the first one you’ll take to market.

  • Learn to articulate your value in effective sales conversations.

  • Design and implement your market positioning.

  • Build version one of “yourname.com”.

  • Select and implement your CRM system.

  • Select and implement your email marketing system.

If you’re thinking that sounds like a lot to fit into three months, you’re absolutely right! This program is a big commitment. The first focus word on the white belt to black belt ladder is 'decision’, and by taking on this program and completing the key deliverables, you’ll be drawing a metaphorical line-in-the-sand; you’ll know that you’re fully committed to making this journey work.


Is this program right for you? Possibly. If you’re committed to truly exploring your potential as a thought leader, and you’ve got 4 hours a week you can commit to that exploration, then sign up now and let’s get started. Beyond that, there are no prerequisites.

  • You might be in a corporate position and ready to strike out on your own; or perhaps you’re already running a practice but not yet able to regularly crack $10K per month in revenue.

  • You might be certain that your ideas are going to revolutionise humanity; or perhaps you’re thinking that you might have something of value to share but not sure how to start capturing it to see if it’s of value.

  • You might be sure that you’re a black belt thought leader, just waiting for your bank account to catch up; or perhaps you’re tempted to think you could be a black belt, but feeling like there’s a couple of gaps you need filled in.

You could come from any one of a million different backgrounds; what’s necessary is the desire to be a thought leader running a commercially successful practice, and the commitment to do the work. Your learning starts the moment you sign up - you’ll be given access to the full Thought Leaders Curriculum (the same Curriculum that underpins the world-class Thought Leaders Business School) the day you register. A new intake launches once per month, so once you’ve done a bit of study and got the basics of the Curriculum under your belt, the program takes off and you’ll start making real progress.

The cost is USD$1500; either up front, or three payments of USD$500.

If you’re ready to get started, simply click the appropriate link for your payment type and we’ll get you underway!