Thank-you for considering a leadership role within our tribe. 

The mentors are a very special group of people who are aiming to master this methodology in their own practice, as well as helping make it available for others. 

This page is the place to find out a bit more about what’s involved in becoming a member of our faculty. 


Our Criteria

As you would know by now our criteria for admission are very specific. To become a Thought Leaders mentor and part of our fabulous faculty you need to:

  1. Be a graduate of Thought Leaders Business School (including completing all the deliverables)
  2. Have achieved at least blue belt in your practice
  3. Be a cultural fit with the faculty and Business School
  4. Show up like a mentor
  5. Subscribe to our mentor tenets: 
  • attribute with honour
  • be the example
  • show respect
  • be more than talk
  • lead community
  • elevate others

Why join faculty 

Primarily you need to have strong desire to help others on the journey. We have asked faculty for the last decade why they became mentors and without a doubt ‘giving back’ is the most common thread. Some other motivations for playing the Faculty game include:


Being on faculty deepens your knowledge of the system and curriculum.

You gain deeper knowledge by getting access to faculty training videos and the general deepening of understanding. Gain deeper knowledge by teaching to others, the distinctions are powerful when you turn the curriculum onto others you get a ‘casted’ benefit back on yourself. At the highest level you get to extend the curriculum adding layers of distinction and creating a personal legacy within the tribe.


Being on faculty is commercially smart.

At the most basic level your ideas get sharper and more commercially focused when you mentor others. You get to earn money as a member of faculty delivering the coaching offer to infopreneurs in Business School, entrepreneurial thought leaders 1 on 1 and through boardroom mentoring 1 on 3 of corporate thought leaders.


Being on faculty is good for your profile.

Being a recognised member of faculty has some cache, with Thought Leaders Business School obviously but also to the outer world it has become synonymous with the great work Thought Leaders has been doing in the corporate space as well. And this in way help you stand as Zulu. independent in your brand as a Thought Leader and yet plugged into a group of equally extraordinary experts, scale without the infrastructure!


Being on faculty is good for your soul

We exist to help clever people be commercially smart, you get to make this happen inspiring and being inspired by the company we keep. And make no mistake this work matter, you as a role model and then leading and serving so strongly in the tribe this might be some of the most satisfying work you get to do. And because we are committed to getting this work out on the planet we love that you might be considering joining us, and taking a place on the team.


What you get


You learn the IP at a deeper level so that you can mentor others in the TL methodology. This includes the collateral and approach to mentor infopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs. 

The training includes an online curriculum, a one day Mentor Accreditation Program, informal mentoring from the deans and a full faculty session on the eve of every immersion. 


As a Thought Leaders mentor you have a licence to use the Thought Leaders IP:

  • as a coach within TLBS (which you will have experienced)
  • to deliver one-on-one mentoring programs into the three markets
  • to deliver group programs if working with a TL Partner 

The licence is for Australia and New Zealand and can be terminated at any time by either party, with no hard feelings. 


TL mentoring can be a belt in your practice if that’s your intent. You can sell one-on-one programs and that’s sold through your practice as your income (and you can access the TL Curriculum for your private mentees for $250). 

You also get paid $4,400 inc GST for each TLBS student you mentor for a year (essentially $550 per hour for 8 x 1 hr coaching sessions) and $5,500 for anyone who you refer into TLBS. 


What it costs

The cost is $11,000 inc GST up-front and an on-going $1,650 per month fee, charged on the 7th of each month. The up-front licence fee is waived if you only want to use the IP to coach within TLBS (ie you don’t want to deliver one-on-one TL programs outside of business school).  

What’s next

If this sounds like you, lets have a chat to work out if it’s a fit, timing, etc.