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If you’re at this page it’s because you’re part of the Thought Leaders Business School tribe (I hope). This program is only for TLBS students and faculty (past, present or future)… so if that’s not you, sorry :(.

In the October TLBS Webcast we had the money edition. That was a pretty good preview of what’s happening in The Money Workshop – here it is in full:

In a nutshell the intent of The Money Workshop is to transform your relationship to money and lock you onto the path to financial freedom.


My story around money

The biggest fight Trish and I ever had was on our 10th wedding anniversary.

We’d recently lost all of our money — taking well-meaning, bad advice from our financial planner, we’d invested all of our superannuation and savings into an investment that promised 20% returns… and lost it all.

It was one part of the toughest period in our relationship.

But, in hindsight, it was a positive turning point for us and our financial life.

It was good that it happened relatively early in our lives — in our mid-30’s, not our mid-50’s — because we lost 6-figures, not 7-figures, and I still had plenty of time to learn and recover from my mistake.

Over the years that followed, Trish and I invested a lot of time and effort into our own financial education.

During this time, we attended seminars, read books and spoke with experts. (I even studied for and achieved my financial planning qualification — which I was shocked to discover took just two weeks of online training.)

I then launched The Money Workshop — what I thought was the best personal training going around. Despite that I couldn’t get the cluster to work … and I eventually failed it.

However — most importantly — Trish and I had our finances on a better pegging than ever before, thanks to the new financial independence game we were playing. And I’m very happy to say it’s coming back to life in this form.


Why are we running this workshop?

As all Business School students and alumni will (hopefully) know by now there are four games we play as thought leaders.

The 90 Day Game

To launch a cluster, with the expectation that half of our launches will succeed – and half will fail.

The 1 Year Game

To launch four clusters — with two of them succeeding — causing us to jump up two belts .

The 1,000 Day Game

To reach Black Belt – and earn $720,000 per year.

The 10 Year Game

To achieve financial freedom within a decade.


This becomes a core focus of the journey beyond black belt — where the focus shifts from building income, to building assets.

Thought Leaders Business School is part of a 10-year game — to help you to create an income that you can leverage to create lifelong financial freedom.

Asset ladder.png

So we’re running The Money Workshop to help us win the ten year game.


What is The Money Workshop about?

Here are the 10 steps that we’ll cover:

Financial Independence.png

We’ll look at the practical aspects of building wealth — specifically how to earn more (well not too much on this as that’s what TLBS is all about), spend less and invest better.

Plus, we will also delve into the psychological side of your relationship to money, and the patterns and habits that are holding you back from a far brighter financial future.

In short we are aiming to:

  • Work out how to earn, spend and invest more powerfully and effectively;

  • Transform the way you think, feel, and act around money — giving you peace, confidence and freedom in the area of your finances;

  • And put you solidly on the path to financial independence — only working because you want to.


Event Details

Date: Friday, 18th January 2019

Time: 10:00am – 5:30pm

Venue: Melbourne (venue to be confirmed)

Prework: Yep – there will be stuff to get done before hand.

Your Investment to Attend

Your investment to attend this energising and insightful full-day event is $550 including GST. ($500 for anyone outside Australia). Note: The proceeds of this event are being donated to charity.


We encourage you to bring your life partner (at no extra cost) so that they can share this journey with you.

I hope to see you there,


P.S. Although the event is in January 2019, registrations will close at the end of November. So make sure you secure your spot ASAP if you plan on being there.