In the October 2019 Thought Leaders Business School Webcast, we had the money edition. It was a pretty good preview of what’s happening in The Money Workshop – here it is in full:

In a nutshell the intent of The Money Workshop is to transform your relationship to money and lock you onto the path to financial freedom.


My story around money

The biggest fight Trish and I ever had was on our 10th wedding anniversary.

We’d recently lost all of our money — taking well-meaning, bad advice from our financial planner, we’d invested all of our superannuation and savings into an investment that promised 20% returns… and lost it all.

It was one part of the toughest period in our relationship.

But, in hindsight, it was a positive turning point for us and our financial life.

It was good that it happened relatively early in our lives — in our mid-30’s, not our mid-50’s — because we lost 6-figures, not 7-figures, and I still had plenty of time to learn and recover from my mistake.

Over the years that followed, Trish and I invested a lot of time and effort into our own financial education.

During this time, we attended seminars, read books and spoke with experts. (I even studied for and achieved my financial planning qualification — which I was shocked to discover took just two weeks of online training.)

I then launched The Money Workshop — what I thought was the best personal training going around. Despite that I couldn’t get the cluster to work … and I eventually failed it.

However — most importantly — Trish and I had our finances on a better pegging than ever before, thanks to the new financial independence game we were playing. And I’m very happy to say it’s coming back to life in this form.


Why are we running this workshop?

As all Business School students and alumni will (hopefully) know by now there are four games we play as thought leaders.

The 90 Day Game

To launch a cluster, with the expectation that half of our launches will succeed – and half will fail.

The 1 Year Game

To launch four clusters — with two of them succeeding — causing us to jump up two belts .

The 1,000 Day Game

To reach Black Belt – and earn $720,000 per year.

The 10 Year Game

To achieve financial freedom within a decade.


This becomes a core focus of the journey beyond black belt — where the focus shifts from building income, to building assets.

Thought Leaders Business School is part of a 10-year game — to help you to create an income that you can leverage to create lifelong financial freedom.

Asset ladder.png

So we’re running The Money Workshop to help us win the ten year game.


What is The Money Workshop about?

Here are the 10 steps that we’ll cover:

Financial Independence.png

We’ll look at the practical aspects of building wealth — specifically how to earn more (well not too much on this as that’s what TLBS is all about), spend less and invest better.

Plus, we will also delve into the psychological side of your relationship to money, and the patterns and habits that are holding you back from a far brighter financial future.

In short we are aiming to:

  • Work out how to earn, spend and invest more powerfully and effectively;

  • Transform the way you think, feel, and act around money — giving you peace, confidence and freedom in the area of your finances;

  • And put you solidly on the path to financial independence — only working because you want to.


What Do People Say About The Money Workshop?

'Life Changing Workshop'

"Thanks so very much for the Money workshop on Friday

Boy did it hit home and help me get a better handle on proactively managing towards financial freedom.

  • I never really knew a number to aim for …… in the old days it was $1mil. I knew that was no longer relevant but I didn’t know another number to pick!

  • It’s made me get really tight with budgeting again, and making use of that “spare” money/loose change. It’s no longer loose change. It’s got a purpose.

  • I’ve already read Barefoot and we’re about to have date night 1. Between us we’ve already done all the activities for date night 1 already and saved about $3K in fees and things we had on set and forget but hadn’t renegotiated on. We’re on a roll!

  • It’s helped me get more comfortable with the terminology around investing beyond the family home. All that smoke, mirrors and spin is no longer a worry. Because I can see it for what it is.

And a big sincere thanks so very, very, much again. I’m pretty sure the workshop will be life changing for me."

– Amanda Blesing, Melbourne

'Specific, Practical, and Unexpected'

“The Money Workshop was not at all what I was expecting.

I had psyched myself up for at least some spreadsheets, percentages, taxes and superannuation! Absolutely not my area of interest so I knew I needed to attend but worried I would get lost in numbers.

From the “Hello and Welcome to the money workshop…”, the expert content delivered, with a caring and nurturing tone, throughout the entire day was clear, concrete and easy to comprehend.

I came away from the workshop with specific, practical and easy actions.

I will attend this workshop again and I totally recommend this workshop if you want financial independence. If you run your own business or practice, attend this workshop with your partner!”

– Sally Foley-Lewis, Brisbane

'Wishing I had this 20 years ago'

"Very useful to start from the mindset and then move into more financial advice. I think many people can benefit from this workshop. You should have done it 20 years ago. Can’t go back in time. So do it now.

I also thought it was great to suggest partners to join. Managing finance is a team work. Thanks Pete for this long due workshop."

– Cyril Peupion, Sydney

'Gave us a Shared Language'

"The money workshop was the perfect way to connect back to the fundamental principles of wealth. Not only that, the models shared gave my wife and I a new way to connect and discuss different financial concepts so we could further align our values in this critical aspect of our life together."

– Nicole Hughes, Victoria

‘Opportunity to Have Important Conversations’

"The most valuable part of The Money Workshop for me was the opportunity to have important conversations with my family about what we are aiming for and what strategy we will employ to get there. It’s great to be so aligned and inspired by our financial health. It was also important to hear wisdom and experience from someone who is playing the same game we are. This is no ordinary journey, and it doesn’t follow the average plan."

– Anneli Blundell, Melbourne

‘Real Nuggets of Gold’

“I am a good user of spreadsheets and I have been tracking my income and expenditure for years, what this workshop gave me was a complete framework to put around my thinking, affirmation that I was on the right track and some real nuggets of gold that I had not thought about or come across before. Overall, a satisfying and stimulating day that will shape my actions for the foreseeable future.”

– John Corrigan, Melbourne

‘Short, Elegant, Sharp, Insightful’

"The Money Workshop was one of the most useful workshops ever: short, elegant, sharp, insightful, very practical and I had already started implementing action steps before I even arrived.

The pre-work has been invaluable as it triggered so many good conversations with my husband (who also loved the workshop) plus great check-in conversation with myself about limiting beliefs.

The "get real" part was an eye-opener and some questions still boggle my mind.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to making this a successful day - and off course: huge gratitude to Peter Cook for great facilitation of a seemingly difficult topic."

– Ingrid Messner, Sydney

'It Simplified Our Finances'

"The most valuable breakthrough for us is that we are now working together to simplify our money practices - removing any questions previously caused by using both cash and card, or sometimes paying premiums for insurance and not knowing why, and we’re now investing our super into a program that makes sense."

– Mary Butler, Melbourne

‘Profoundly Impactful’

"Just wanted to say a personal thank you for Friday’s money workshop. It was so great to be able to see you do your thing, to be exposed to all that fantastic thinking, and to be able to share it with my partner Justin was truly special. We have already loaded all our accounts into Banktivity and noticed a bunch of patterns we were unaware of, bought The Barefoot Investor book, written to our financial advisor about moving our super to an index fund and are working our way through the list of other actions.

I have no doubt it will turn out to have a profound impact on our future and that of our family. There’s not much you could do for us that’s more important than that.

Thank you very much."

– Fiona Robertson, Melbourne

‘I Thought I Knew... Now I'd Consider Coming Back Again’

I thought I was fairly knowledgeable and had a high level of ownership when it comes to my finances.

I am doing a lot of things right, but I learned that I am definitely doing a few things wrong that are not maximising my investing potential.

It's the things only an expert like Pete would know and just some small tweaks can make a huge difference to how we spend and save our money.

It was fantastic to have had my partner with me, so he is on board with the changes we need to make.

It's hard to put an expect dollar figure on the learnings but they would be significant.

I would actually consider paying to do it a second time if it becomes available.

– Alison Crabb, Melbourne


Event Details

Upcoming Money Workshop events are being held at


Date: Tuesday 2nd of April, 2019

Venue: UNSW CBD Campus
1 O'Connell St, Sydney NSW

Price: $550 (including GST)


Date: Tuesday 7th of May, 2019

Venue: Capri by Fraser
80 Albert St, Brisbane QLD

Price: $550 (including GST)


Date: Thursday 20th of June, 2019

Venue: Generator @ GridAKL
12 Madden St, Auckland

Price: AUD $500


Getting The Most Out Of The Day

Note: To help you to get the most out of the event, there will be some prework (yep – there will be stuff to get done beforehand).

We also encourage you to bring your life partner (at no extra cost) so that they can share this journey with you.

I hope to see you there,