When we launched Thought Leaders Business School we announced our intention to add two belts—$20,000 per month—to the revenue of each thought leader who did the prescribed work and completed their obligations in their 12 month enrolment.

Almost four years later, Business School is transforming the practices, and indeed the lives, of thought leaders around the country and around the world. The average student joins us with white belt revenue ($120K per year), and grows their practice to the point that their best quarter in Business School stretches well into green belt ($114K in 90 days). The average person earns almost as much in their best quarter in Business School as they did in the entire year leading up to it!

Belt Income Focus
Black $720,000 Investment
Red $600,000 Leverage
Blue $480,000 Positioning
Green $360,000 Activity
Yellow $240,000 Value
White $120,000 Decision


Emily Verstege

I have no excuse not to succeed!
— Emily Verstege


Anneli Blundell

Thought Leaders turned my unique talents and ideas into an amazing business practice that keeps continuing to grow from strength to strength. If you have a message that’s burning to come out and you want to make lots of money from it, then join Thought Leaders.
— Nils Vesk

Iven Frangi

Sensational program with a high level of process, information and clear direction with all of the systems. Value return is easily seen within the program.
— Marios Rokka

Jane Anderson

You couldn’t be in a better place. This is the most amazing community to help you achieve success, and support you until you get there.
— Simon Waller

Every day I am reminded of how Thought Leaders Business School is the single best investment I have ever made and that the Thought Leaders community is changing my life. Thank you!
— Jeff Schwisow

Jeff Schwisow


Elise Sullivan

The models and actions to take that I learned from the program leave me clear on how exactly I can increase my income doing the very things I love to do.

It showed me what has been getting in my way until now and specific actions to take to achieve my goals. In fact, my goals have expanded significantly and I have a clear pathway on how to achieve my expanded goals. I can’t wait!

Before doing the Thought Leaders Program, I was wondering how I could possibly have justified spending the money. From the value I got from doing the program, I now think it was cheap!
— Trish Elkington

Vickie Saunders

Just received the call from the Australian Institute of Sport. The contract’s on its way. I have officially been engaged as their athlete sponsorship expert.

I am crying, I never thought my life could be this good.

Thank you Matt, Pete, and everyone in the TLBS community for giving me the skills and conviction to be ready for this opportunity.
— Vickie Saunders

Bryan Whitefield

Part way through the course I forgot I had paid to be there! I felt like a friend had come to visit and made it all clear for me. I had started working on my personal brand and all of a sudden the path is clear.
— Bryan Whitefield


Jaquie Scammell

World class content! You have armed me with everything I need to live the path I have always imagined.
— Joe Roberts

The Thought Leaders program has spelled out for me, in detail, the exact implementation steps to growing my practice and increasing the income I earn from my practice.

The delivery of the program was top notch. I also loved the fact that within the program itself, I got plenty of time to work on my own practice with practical input and feedback from the presenters.

What would I say to someone who’s thinking about doing TL? Just do it. Don’t be concerned about the cost – you’ll get the return on your investment within no time.
— Lynne Cazaly

Zoë Routh

The community is fantastic, the support is amazing, and I have the clearest plan I’ve ever had in my work. I’m just thrilled.
— Zoë Routh

John Pastorelli

This process (and the amazing people who have helped me to understand and apply it) has moved my practice to a new level and I am beginning to get a real sense of where this fabulous TLBS journey might take me...
— Marita Ryan

The Thought Leaders group is very supportive, but not in the way that they tell you everything you do is great. Frequently, they tell you that what you’re doing sucks! But they tell you in a way that’s useful, that allows you to make changes and be successful, as opposed to thinking that you’re doing something great and not understanding why you’re not making progress commercially.
— CT Johnson

CT Johnson


Simon Dowling

What Thought Leaders Business School does is make sure you are—in the true sense of the word—a thought leader, not a thought follower. And in my view, that makes all the difference.
— Simon Dowling

Robyn Haydon

I’ve done more in the last 90 days than I did in the last 10 years, and the results speak for themselves. I came into the program as a yellow belt, my running rate is now red belt.
— Robyn Haydon

Phil Lee

Mate, what a f@#%ing great program. That’s all I’m going to say.
— Phil Lee


Sasha Jovanovic

I had reached a comfortable income level, and worked with rock star brands and felt great amongst my peers. But I wasn’t achieving what I wanted to do in the world, and I wanted more. And Thought Leaders gave me inspiration. Their systems of running a practice gave me incredible confidence, leverage and capability.
— Sasha Jovanovic


Mark Windust

Fantastic course on getting your ideas out. Pink sheets worth the investment of the course! Practical model great, 10 year plan to build.
— Ben Young

Nikk Hughes

Fantastic program. Just what I needed. So much value in the process that I can’t really distinguish too many standouts. The facilitation was the best I’ve seen! Thank you!
— John Carnohan

Matt Lumsdaine

If you have a body of expertise and want to profit from it, Thought Leaders is the place for you. Thought Leaders is by far the most valuable professional development I have ever engaged in.
— Peter Sheahan


Patricia MacMillan

Thought Leaders Business School is life changing. Providing a forum to learn through doing, with permission to fail, and mentoring support, it is awesome. It’s the bullet train of business schools. I’m so grateful to be part of this community.
— Michael Licenblat


Craig Cherry

I improved my revenue by 30% in the first quarter of being in this program.
— Craig Cherry

Michelle Loch

If you want a step-by-step success plan, this is the place to be.
— Philip Wagner and Carmel Warren

Angela Dadds

Totally awesome. A simple process to unpack your IP so that you can make millions from it. Everyone should do the Thought Leaders Program!
— Mark Falzon

It was great to do the program after a gap of a year. Understand what I need to do straightaway to get myself off the ground. Enough of procrastination - time to deliver!
— Manisha Chaubal-Menon

Kristen Hansen


Libby Dedman

Thought Leaders is hands-down the best professional development program I have attended. It has helped me to finetune the direction of my practice and it has definitely increased both the speed with which I plan and implement and the income that I am able to generate as a result. Part of the reason the program is so powerful and the learning so deep is that it is facilitated by two professionals who walk the talk - and who prove it. No false gurus here. Thanks guys - you have changed my world!
— Jacquie Molloy

Lindsay Pope

Thanks a million to the Thought Leaders team - for a person not big into details and creating my own systems, this program is one huge no-brainer system that has shown me what to do in a step-by-step manner to become an expert who earns serious dollars. And bonus, there are expert mentors along the way to guide me, give advice and help me powerfully commercialize my messages and gifts. These guys live and breath the Thought Leader’s mantra “helping clever people be commercially smart”.
— Heidi Haywood

Kath Walters

What an awesome program. It has given me path to success clearly marked, a GPS, a team by my side, and now I can get my products to market 5 times faster.

It helped me sort out the main concerns I have had in building my practice:

• Money, how much can I really charge? This is now sorted.

• Which things to do, what I should be focusing on? Sorted.

• When I should be doing things? Sorted.

It is clear to me that this program has taken 10 years of mistakes out of my life, answered all the questions I had about how to make my practice a success, and answered a myriad of questions I didn’t even think to ask.
— Arion Light

Before doing Thought Leaders, I thought that the program was expensive. Now? I would pay double.

I’ll tell you though really upsets me about the program– the fact that I didn’t do it years ago!
— Marcus Bird

Adam Voigt


Thomas Preiss


Laurel McLay

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and within 30 minutes of the close on Friday I had completed a meeting and secured new work that paid for the Immersion. I found myself being much more confident and assertive and trusting my intuition more than I have previously. It’s great how the universe finds you and provides when you need it.
— Dr Denis Bourke


Alex Bonett

Thank you for the clarity, models and metaphors. The notion of creating, capturing and leveraging my expertise was high value, most important of all, you helped me identify the idea that will drive my future business.
— Dan Knight


Janine Garner

There has been a lot getting in my way of building a practice that I really love – lots of my own personal weaknesses, excuses and doubts. In less than a week this has all been covered.
The program is so completely logical and complete. It’s now obvious to me exactly what has been missing in my approach to building my practice. Plus – I’ve learned how to treat my business as a game. Something to get engaged in, have fun with.
— Sean Spence

Stephen Johnson

I am a bookkeeper by trade and so I love systems. And this is what I love about the Thought Leaders Program: it provides a proven detailed step-by-step system to build a highly profitable practice based on your expertise. The system has given me clarity and direction on how to take my own unique thoughts, experience and expertise and use these to make money.

Plus, prior to doing the Program, I didn’t realise how limited my thinking has been. I now know that I am worthy to succeed! What a gift.
— Debbie Roberts

Mike Allen

I had to evacuate my little house twice in the last couple of weeks because we were threatened by a bush fire that came way to close to my little town in country Victoria and it came to the big question of what will I take with me – passport, clothes, laptop obviously but bugger all else got in the bag – the one thing I did pack was my notes from the Thought Leaders Program – they are that treasured to me – so thanks for giving me info that I’d take over poxy photo albums any day!
— Margaret Gill


Pollyanna Lenkic

Thank you for unpacking me and my IP, emotionally disturbing me just enough to move from hope to action and then empowering me with a comprehensive toolkit to take me out to the world. Finally, thank you for repacking it all so the journey back into the world will be profitable.
— Jaroslav Boublik


Craig Stephens

If you are looking to fast track your speaking/training/coaching business and save tonnes of $$ investing in activity and systems, before you do, do thought leaders! You will get an enormous return on investments, even before you start developing projects, by using the recommended systems, that is most effective for you.
— Michelle Stanton

Corrinne Armour

Before doing Thought Leaders I knew what I wanted to achieve in my practice but really, I had no idea how to get there. This program has laid it out for me.
The program is full of practical ‘how to’s. and clear guidance about what I need to do. It has freed me up to spend my creative energy on my thought leadership because the practical stuff is now so easy.
Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of work to do. This isn’t a ‘get quick rich’ approach. But I’ve got all of the inspiration and ideas I need to reach my goals.
— Corrinne Armour

Rebecca Morris

Absolutely awesome program. I feel so much more in control of my destiny and what needs to be done to accelerate.
— Rebecca Morris

Exceeded my expectations! Great energy and very engaging. Easy exercises along the journey of discovery that motivate you to focus, get clarity and go for it! Can’t wait to go away and get started!
— Kylie Green

Dr Sean Richardson