Thought Leaders Business School is proving itself to be one of the most effective business development programs in the world. One of the prerequisites for entry is that you’re already running a practice at white belt — invoicing $10,000 per month as a thought leader.

Belt Income Focus
5th Dan $1,200,000 Distribution
4th Dan $1,080,000 Capacity
3rd Dan $960,000 Productivity
2nd Dan $840,000 Engagement
Black Belt $720,000 Investment
Red Belt $600,000 Leverage
Blue Belt $480,000 Positioning
Green Belt $360,000 Activity
Yellow Belt $240,000 Value
White Belt $120,000 Decision

You might be in a situation where you know that you’ve got your eyes on black belt and that soon Business School will be right for you, but you haven’t reached the white belt revenues required to join the school yet. There are plenty of reasons you could be in this situation, for example:

  • you’ve never had any sales training
  • you’re still finding your market niche
  • you’re still developing your IP
  • you’re just launching your practice

If this sounds like you, then the Thought Leaders Preparatory Program might be a good fit for you. Headed up by Linda Hutchings, the prep program is designed to help you put in place everything you need to create a thought leaders practice with a solid foundation. The intent is to help you grow your practice to white belt — consistently invoicing $10,000 per month or more.

Linda Hutchings

Linda Hutchings



The Crown Hotel Napier
Cnr Bridge Street & Hardinge Road
Ahuriri, Napier


First Program
Friday 13th April
Friday 15th June

Saturday 16th June
Friday 17th August

Second Program
Friday 27th July
Saturday 28th July
Friday 28th September
Friday 30th November



Who is this for?

  • Practice owners not yet at white belt ($120,000 revenue per year)
  • People looking to launch a thought leadership practice
  • Those currently in transition: working for others in a job or in their own traditional business.
  • Business owners wanting to launch a practice alongside their existing business.

What's involved?

  • 6 month program
  • 4 x Full Day Workshops with Linda and the program attendees
  • 3 x 45 minute Private Skype Mentoring sessions with Linda
  • Weekly accountability through the Thought Leaders Dashboard
  • Access to the Thought Leaders Curriculum – presented by Matt Church, Peter Cook and other faculty members
  • Be part of the Thought Leaders online community

What will you get?

  • You’ll build strong foundations for sustainable success through focusing on the basics and avoid bad habits entering your practice
  • You’ll be in a place designed to build and maintain confidence and self-worth
  • You’ll learn to avoid unhelpful comparisons with others and 'run your own race'.
  • You’ll immerse yourself in a 'no excuse' culture – taking ownership of your journey with zero tolerance for excuses
  • You’ll be supported with compassion, understanding and accountability
  • You’ll strengthen your mindset for the long game – we’ll learn to play ‘the ten year game'
  • You’ll identify the true purpose of your practice, which provides endless drive and motivation.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to continue the journey, breaking through white belt and progressing through to Thought Leaders Business School