There are three ways to earn a living. The two we’re most familiar with are to have a job or to run a business. The third option is to run a practice.

A practice is based on the expertise of the principal; if the practice is a brain surgery, it is based on the expertise of the brain surgeon. Whilst the surgeon will have support staff, she is the only one who does the surgery. If she is sick, the receptionist isn’t going to fill in for her. Whilst a business should be able to continue without the day-to-day involvement of the owner, without the brain surgeon, the practice isn’t worth anything.

The practice of a thought leader is based on the subject matter expertise or the ideas of the principal. The expert is typically a consultant, speaker, author, trainer, mentor, facilitator or coach (or ideally a combination of these).

A successful thought leader's practice revolves around revenue, lifestyle and legacy.

From a financial perspective, this means turning over $500k–$1.5M a year, working 50–200 days, with one or two support staff. 

In terms of lifestyle, success is doing work you love with people you like the way you want. Given this is about exertion income, to maintain a successful practice for a decade or more the work has to be a labour of love. 

And finally, a successful practice is one that provides you with the vehicle to make the difference you were born to make. You get to make the contribution that you choose and leave a legacy that you are proud of.

In September this year Thought Leaders is coming to the Bay Area to share the incredibly successful methodology that has been used by thousands of infopreneuers in Australia and around the world to grow their thought leaders practice. The Thought Leaders methodology teaches you how to capture, package and deliver your expertise to run a successful practice.


You will learn:

  • The key distinctions between a practice and a business (and how to recognise and ignore well-meaning advice from people who don’t understand the practice model)
  • How to develop your intellectual property in a mode-agnostic fashion that can be easily leveraged
  • A process for deeply understanding your customer’s needs, and articulating your solutions
  • How to use the six delivery modes (speaker, author, trainer, mentor, facilitator, coach) to build your offerings and maximise your dollars per day
  • A proven strategy for positioning yourself as the expert in your field and becoming ‘professionally famous’.

What's included:

Full access to the Curriculum
Prior to coming along, you're provided with full access to our Curriculum online. This is the same Curriculum that underpins our celebrated Thought Leaders Business School program, and provides the full methodology we teach to run a commercially successful thought leadership practice.

Two days of focused implementation
At the event itself, you'll be doing plenty of great work. You'll be in a supportive and inspiring environment where you'll be making clear decisions, and laying out the roadmap for the next 12 months of your practice.

Follow-up mentoring
In the months after the event, you'll have a chance to book in a mentoring call to review your progress and make tweaks to your plan. With the benefit of feedback from the market, you'll be able to sharpen your commercial offering and improve your effectiveness.

Here are the details:

September 15th (starts 10am) and 16th (ends 4pm), 2017
Inn at the Presidio | Presidio of San Francisco
42 Moraga Avenue
San Francisco CA 94129 USA

Cost: US$4000

To learn more, email our Chief of Engagement Col Fink;, or book in a time to speak with him by phone or Skype below.